Chicks with Kicks

Outfit Details

Joggers - Free People

Sneakers - Nike 

Crop Tank - Aritzia

Shirt -  Rails LA

Necklace - The Giving Keys

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

Streetwear has been seeping into mainstream fashion for a while now and I think it’s one of the most exciting trends I’ve seen in a long time. This look is heavily influenced by hip hop and skate culture and these have long been boys’ clubs. Those days are over – Beyonce, Nicki and The Kardashians (with a little help from Yeezy) have helped make this look mainstream for those of us ladies who were a little hesitant to jump on board and try it out. This trend is picking up some serious speed and doesn't look like it will be making it's exit any time soon and I'm very happy about that. The streetwear look is a fashion forward take on athletic wear that doesn’t look sloppy and this makes it a great option for weekend and travel wear. Hypebeast, the dominant online destination for streetwear, is taking note and recently launched their long overdue female counterpart, Hypebae. Their Instagram account is one of my favourites and offers tons of great inspiration. 

I’m so excited that streetwear has finally captured the attention of women and opened up a whole new world of styling options for the female demographic. My favourite thing about the streetwear trend is the way it harmonizes fashion and comfort.


It’s 2016 and, just like the boys, we too can be comfortable, practical and chic. I am so about this.