Why Beyonce Matters So Much to Women

Outfit Details

Tank - Ivy Park

Mesh Leggings - Ivy Park

Sweatshirt - Ivy Park

Sports Bra - Luluemon

Sneakers - Reebok


It will come as no surprise to my family and friends that I chose to do a feature on Ivy Park for The Strong & The Free.  Let me tell you a little bit about my relationship with Beyoncé:

I refer to my girlfriends as ‘Team Beyoncé’ and named our Facebook group chat ‘We are Beyoncé, always’

Whenever I have a tough decision to make I think ‘what would Beyoncé do?’

When I’m waiting for a long over due text from a boy (and maybe trying to keep my schedule open in the hopes that that text results in a date when it finally comes in .... just kidding, I never do that …)  I think ‘would Beyoncé put up with this shit?’ 

I woke up three hours before work when Bey released Lemonade to fully embrace and enjoy the entire masterpiece before real life took over my day.  As a side note, this is a great way for any woman to start her day, I left my apartment more inspired than ever.

I am also the annoying girl who loses her mind on the dance floor at the very first sign of a Beyoncé melody being mixed in by the DJ.  Actually, sometimes instead of losing my mind I solemnly close my eyes and extend my hands to prepare myself and those around me for the Queen to grace us with her musical presence.


So, I mean, ya …. I guess you could say I’m kind of a big Beyoncé fan ..... 

So, of course, when I heard that Bey was releasing an active line, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Luckily for us Toronto gals it’s being carried at Hudson’s Bay so go check it out for yourself – you can find it in the activewear section as well as online.

Ivy Park is a collaboration with Sir Philip Green, owner of Topshop, and the brand was named after Bey’s daughter Blue Ivy and Parkwood Park in Houston, Texas where Beyonce used to run and train with her father to build the stamina required to perform and sing live.  This is why I love Beyonce –  we know she didn’t really ‘wake up like this’. Beyonce works her butt off for her success. She is known to be a perfectionist, a workaholic and a badass #GirlBoss.   She is uninterested in mediocrity as evidenced by the release of her visual albums ‘Beyonce’ and ‘Lemonade’ which included not only hit after hit but powerful videos to boot.

Her work ethic and success are literally a daily source of inspiration for me and so many other women. That’s why athletic wear seems like the perfect fit for The Queen. Trust me, I’m speaking from personal experience, rocking Ivy Park will take your workouts to the next level. Let’s be real, what’s more helpful midway through a plank than channeling the woman who slays lyrics like ‘Who the fuck do you think I am? You ain’t married to no average bitch boy’  and ‘bow down bitches’.  (By the way Jay, what the hell were you thinking …..?)

So what are you waiting for ladies? Get in formation with Ivy Park!